Come to a Demo!

We do demos twice a week in Second Life.

  • 11am-1pm Pacific time on Sundays (but check for re-schedules — we also do street performance in real life in good weather!)
  • 6pm-8pm Pacific time on Wednesdays

(read further for instructions on how to attend!)

We have a fully working prototype of the dancing game.  Attendance is free, and we welcome new people!  Want to get your mind blown?  Here’s what you do:

Download and install SL

If you don’t have one, go to the Second Life homepage and create an account — the account and the client software is free!  You’ll get to choose your first name, and pick a last name from about 150 current surnames.  Then, once the account is created, you’ll be prompted to download the free client software.

Make sure your computer can handle Second Life! You will need a computers that can run modern MMO-like games, and a broadband internet connection.

Survive Orientation

Second Life is pretty easy if you’ve ever played a computer game on the desktop that had you use an avatar — a customized character that you manipulate from third person view, from behind.  This is your own little person in the game who can run, jump, turn, and has an inventory which includes clothes and bits to wave about, and commands that can make you laugh or sit.

But the new user experience is trying if you’ve never played a game like this — bear with it!

And, if you have played a lot of games, well, you’ll be bored before you’re out of the tutorial.  Hang in there!

Allow one hour for orientation.

Come be astonished!

At 11am-1pm Pacific Time on Sundays, and 7pm-9pm on Wednesdays — and whenever someone hires us, or we feel like it — we present the Odd Ball dance parties in Second Life.  Click here, once you have SL installed, to teleport directly to the party!

The Odd Ball is a display and demonstration of some of the Oddfellow Studios technology and art.  It’s a mind-blowing, euphoric graphical experience that literally has to be seen to be believed.

In the future, we’ll be presenting recordings of the Odd Ball as content modules to our own game, and further on, as a MMOG platform.  Stay tuned!

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