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RMT/no RMT – Do we need a new Bartle Test? on Gamasutra


Yet another Gamasutra post promoted by editorial. Check it out here!  Today, I wonder if the idea of Achievers from the classic Bartle Test hasn’t bifurcated into “fair-play” and RMT Achievers — do we need to acknowledge a basic rift in gamer framing? (Say that ten times, fast!)

Another Gamasutra blog post promoted by the editors!


Today my blog post, Serious War Games, Serious as Life and Death, was promoted by Gamasutra’s editors.  I’ve been blogging on their site while I wrestled WordPress to ceding to my will, the last few weeks, but I think I’ll remain doing my general games blogging there, and save my posts here for issues specifically for our game.  Meanwhile, follow the link and enjoy!  And feel free to comment either here or there.

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