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Hi, all, as you may know, I do some amount of ghost blogging and speechwriting sometimes, but I also love to write (and talk!) about the things I am passionate about.  If you Google-stalk me, you can see I’ve written a lot about nonprofits, policy, politics, technology, and such, but lately I’ve been writing more about games.  I wonder why? (more…)

How Fish and Shava met


A number of fans of the Odd Ball in Second Life have asked us how Fish and I met originally.  A lot of our fans just assume we met in Second Life, but it’s not true.




Merry Christmas (or whatever solstice holiday you celebrate!).  This week, while my son Joseph was off at his biodad’s for the holiday, I got in some extra time at the MIT libraries, and finally found the term of art that led me off on a merry chase through the annals of neuroscience.  (more…)

Maybe Linden Lab should get a venue license?


Linden Lab, who operates Second Life, leaves it to the residents (players) to determine the legality of whatever music they play and share inside the virtual world.

LL’s argument is that since only the stream URL is passed to the client, that the music doesn’t really touch their servers, so they are not liable as a platform for any music that is played to an audience in SL.

We believe that this encourages people to play music as DJs (usually taking tips) with complete disregard for the creators’ rights.  (more…)

We love SomaFM!


If you haven’t checked out SomaFM, do it now!  We generally run the Odd Balls over their Space Station Soma stream, with kind permission from the general manager, Rusty Hodge.

Soma started at Burning Man years ago, but today it’s a multichannel public internet radio station, completely supported by your donations.  Rusty compensates all the artists on your behalf, so send him a little love!

After the SLCC09 Odd BallIf you give him a good donation, he’ll even send you a t-shirt or a stylin’ hoodie like the one I was wearing at the August show at SLCC.  That’s Tuna/Fish, the charged up extrovert, and me the exhausted introvert, at the end of a five hour mixed-reality show!

If we're right…


I spent a good deal of this week with my mind spinning like crazy.  One day this week, I suddenly just intuited what it was that we were doing, and how it relates to architecture and art and perspective and symbology, mountains and skyscrapers and carnival rides!

Now, all there is, is to find the studies to support it!

Not Possible in Real Life does Halloween!


We did two halloween shows for the NPIRL artist’s collective in Second Life this Halloween, at Rezzable‘s plasma project sims.  Since Night of the Living Dead is out of copyright (sadly for Romero!) we used a good deal of imagery from that movie mashed up in the graphics.

The natives are restless — recent changes, continuing a thread of discontent among SL users, are driving many in the creative community to consider non-SL platforms.  We’ve been thinking about this for over a year, and Tuna was glad at a follow up meeting today of the NPIRL community to be able to contribute some of our thoughts on this topic.

It will be fascinating, over the coming years, to see how the NPIRL community spreads and cross-fertilizes ideas among the coming virtual/augmented reality projects!

Tuna and my art in Human Rights Fest announcement


Tuna and I did a static piece of art last spring, on a generous grant from Annenberg/MacArthur, in Second Life — as part of the opening of the International Justice Center in SL.

In December, there will be a festival to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and I was very proud to see an image of our piece used today to head up an announcement of the planning for the festival!

Halloween Magic at Waban Health


Today Fish and I did a real life magic show at Waban Health and Rehabilitation Center.  Fish has been doing shows for them for several years, and I’ve been helping him out on some of the shows for the last year or so.


We're incorporated!


We are now officially a Massachusetts for-profit corporation.  Now we have to talk to our lawyers more about a more standard investment contract.  Qualified investor?  Interested in investing?  Contact me!

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