Fish Fishman, Artist

Artist in Residence Fish Fishman (whose SL avatar, Tuna Oddfellow, lends his name to the studio) is a lifelong professional magician, having taken up the art about the time he learned to read. With a performing arts education at a performing arts high school in NY, and then Emerson College, he has gained acclaim not only from crowds all over the US, but also from his peers, gaining Best Magician from the Boston magic community, and travelling as far as Des Moines to speak on virtual magic.

His work with graphic arts began with his involvement with Second Life in summer of 2005. By 2007, his work got him the title of “Most Talented Avatar” in Second Life from American broadcast network NBC, who awarded him a million linden dollars (about US$4K).

Tuna Oddfellow appeared on America’s Got Talent twice in the summer of 2007, to a total viewing audience of about twenty million, for the original broadcasts. His work in art and perception gave rise to the first of the Oddfellow Studios technologies.

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