About Oddfellow Studios

Oddfellow Studios, Inc. is a Massachusetts for-profit corporation. We are in friends-and-family funding start-up mode.

Initially, Oddfellow Studios is creating a virtual world platform and entertainment hub for MMO gamers, to which we hope to add licensed gateways into the major games, to add the social facilities that the gaming titles don’t want to develop.  We’ll have taverns/cantinas, rich emote vocabularies, jukebox music/video — adding a third dimension to the current metagame.  And like social networks in 2D, we’ll create an environment that promotes and creates brand evangelism for the licensors.  We believe in learning from Facebook, and using those lessons to bring MMO communities together.

The core of our entertainment tech includes a couple of 3D entertainment patents, an avatar tech patent, and — our original technology — a way to change brain activity over the Internet, producing a deep meditative state that we hope will provide well-being and therapeutic applications, as well as being just very much fun.

We are filing patents shortly, as we define the technology. Although our primary focus comes from the entertainment market, we take joy in the therapeutic and self-improvement applications of our work.

How do we do it? If we told you before we file patents, our lawyers say we’d have to kill you. Sorry!

We are not hiring at this time. But we are looking for a game engine internals and/or business co-founder.

We are looking to expand our board of directors and board of advisors.

And, we are happy to say what we can to the press. Contact us!

Who we are:

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