Just thought I’d jot down a couple notes on what I’m reading today from the news from E3.

We’re really interested in models of MMO marketing that involve virtual goods and F2P mechanics.  Our hope is to put our environment into a setting where the “game” is optional, and the virtual goods (avatars, skins, clothes, toys, content,…) are overwhelmingly desirable and affordable. (We gotta eat, but we want to give away what we can!)

So, I read this article from Massively — and interview with the marketing minds behind browser game/virtual world Gaia Online, with some interest.

I agree that the model they take (and close to one we want to adopt) takes more care and feeding.  But really, that’s the value added on the Internet, these days, right?

Chris Davis, of Gaia, said:

Be prepared to invest your time and resources into really doing it correctly. Because it take a lot of time and effort to do it correctly. There is a lot different business from, you know, slapping a banner up. From an advertising stand point and certainly from a content and creative standpoint, it’s a lot different business from just aggregating news, for instance, which is so popular right now. So it takes a lot of time and investment in the right creative resources, the right production resources, development resources, and, of course, all the different components to run a company. People may not take [that] as seriously as they need to as they enter the space. It’s very time consuming, but very gratifying, too.”

We hope so! :)

Then we saw this article on CNN, covering E3, which mysteriously doesn’t say anything about how Steam has already transformed the subscribe-and-download-to-play landscape, before “cloud computing” became a particular term of art.  Represent!

We’re also pretty excited about the increasing acceptance of downloadable content (too many links to list!), since that’s a mainstay of our desktop plans.

p.s. if we ever exhibit at a game conference, if we have booth babes, I guarantee equal time for the booth hunks.  Or none at all.  Although, models for Tuna-textured swag would be fun, but then why would we go for *scantily* clad?

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