We really rarely do anything special with the Odd Ball themes, but sometimes they catalyze stories and conversations.  But I figured, why not post them in advance for folks who are curious about them?  I always end up using the Odd Ball themes as an excuse to pour through Wikipedia’s by-date events, which is just fun.  For a while, I was doing a daily “Today in Geek History” tweet on Twitter, but it got too much like work to do it every day.  Sunday and Monday are enough.

Errol Flynn

Errol Flynn

June 20th would be the 101st birthday of Errol Flynn, swashbuckling actor of the first half of the 20th century.  In addition to being the pre-eminent star of the genre that comes to us today in the Pirates of the Carribean and such, and gives us a very unrealistic image of piracy, he was a notorious womanizer and has been accused of spying for both the Nazis and the Allies.  Go fig.  Come swash your buckle at the Odd Ball, June 20th!

June 21st is a particularly special Odd Ball, because we’ll have live music through the grace of the magnificent Jana Kyomoon in an unexpected collaboration in celebration of SL7B (but still at the usual site, since SL7B grounds don’t allow megaprims!).

Pierre Omidyar by Joi/Flickr (CC) A 2.0June 21st, we also celebrate the 43rd birthday of a man who holds partial blame for my presence in Second LifePierre Omidyar, who with his wife Pam founded eBay, and now hold forth in philanthropy and hyperlocal journalism in Hawai’i.  Pierre wanted to create a world-wide bazaar, but he and Pam also created the Omidyar Network, an early social networking site for social justice and nonprofit activists from around the globe.  This site was responsible for bringing the Better World Scouts into SL, whose members include In Kenzo and many other of my oldest friends in SL.  It was when the BWSs created Camp Darfur and it got such a great amount of international real-world press that I realized that Second Life might not be just a knock-off of There.com with beaches and tanned yuppies.  So, if it weren’t for Pierre, I wouldn’t be there.  (Plus, while I was executive director at The Tor Project, the Omidyars supported us with an Enzyme Grant, so extra points in my book!)  Get bazaar at the Odd Ball!

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