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Technology that lets you play a computer game, relaxing you so you can go to bed without medication.

Software that helps people overcome addictions.

A program that draws on ancient practices of meditation for inspiration — to help our generation
of have-it-now folks to lead better lives.

And imagine it looks like this:

You can experience a demomeet the team and our friends — visit our blog for news and announcements — see more on our media page — order Oddfellow swagcontact us!

The glib elevator pitch is, we’ve found a way to get people stoned over the Internet.

The basic tech is a specially crafted visual presentation that changes brainwaves — we believe it induces theta and alpha by visual stimulus alone — while the participant seems to be in the middle of a music video in 3D animation in a game engine, on a home computer or mobile device. Theta is similar to hypnosis, and alpha is peaceful and restful. Together, they produce a state that is used therapeutically for relaxation, addiction therapy, and any number of reinforcement therapies.

For healthy people, alpha/theta is a mild euphoric, a pleasant altered state, and an aid to learning and concentration.  We have hopes that regular game play will have many of the same homeostatic effects (self-regulation in the body) as meditation practice.

People pay a lot to relax. World wide sales of Ambien topped US$2.5B in 2007 and continue to rise. If we can replace even 10% of that market, we’ve got a pretty good thing going, and we expect we will. If it all tests out, we’ll be able to deliver an all natural replacement at 10% of the price to any decent computer, with or without broadband.

Our technology creates, essentially, the same effect in the body — by the body — that is produced by mindfulness meditation. Nothing enters the body but light from a computer screen.

And, it’s fun!

Come see! Come be odd…

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